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Building updates

Submitted by Kris Boone,

Below is an update on building schedules, cleaning changes, and general safety reminders for the spring semester. Please review this information carefully, share with your teams as you see fit, and check in with our operations leads listed below with any questions/concerns.

General Safety/Security Tips and Reminders 

  • Encourage everyone to keep your guard up. Wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, and keep practice physical distancing. 
  • Remind your employees to keep up with the daily health check each day they come to campus or work in the community on behalf of the university using the Ohio State app or online through  
  • Get additional resources, answers to questions, and keep up to speed with changes to University guidance at
  • Due to the continued low population density in buildings, we are requesting that you remind staff and faculty using campus labs or offices to be sure and secure those areas for personal safety to reduce the likelihood of theft or vandalism.  In addition, please contact OSUPD to report any unusual activity you observe while on campus. We have had a few questions come up about unusual activity and it is always good to contact the non-emergency number for OSU Police if in doubt. [614-292-2121]   

CFAES Wooster Campus

  • Most research buildings will remain locked as they have been during the fall semester. Halterman, Skou, Science Building and others with classes will be open by January 25th
  • Student Activities Center: Will open January 25th.  
  • Skou Hall Café Carmen will be open January 22nd.  Fisher CFAES café is closed.  A new café will open in the CFAES Wooster Science Building this semester. 
  • Halterman Library closed for in-person service. Services will be virtual until students return.  
  • Fisher/Research Library closed, but students and faculty can access with a key fob. Faculty, staff, or grad students should contact Gwen Short for access (Gwen Short, 
  • COVID19 testing will return to Fisher Auditorium the week of January 25th.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting – Custodial services will continue high touchpoint disinfection, restrooms will be cleaned twice a day, and University COVID cleaning guidelines will be followed. Facilities Operations is asking individuals that are working in their offices, please set office trash cans in hallways overnight for custodians. This will minimize the need for custodial services to enter individual offices.  Disinfecting wipes will continue to be available for building occupants. Additional cleaning requests should be sent to Sarah Everhart (; 330-263-3915).
  • Temperature setbacks will return to normal between January 11th and January 25th. If there is a special request or concern with specific HVAC settings, ask your building coordinator or contact Facilities Operations.
  • Contact for Wooster questions or support: Building coordinator or Seth Walker, (330) 263-3665,