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Workday Grant Management

Submitted by Kris Boone,

Tackling a new system can be a challenge. Luckily, we have experts in the GDSU that are here to help provide clarity. Follow the steps below, in order, to gain some useful insight into managing your award portfolio. Please feel free to contact the Office of Research and Graduate Education if you have any questions.


1. How do I identify all of my grants expiring in the next 60 days? - View

2. How do I find a summary of the budget, expenses, encumbrances, and balance of a grant? - View

3. How do I see the expenditure transactions for each budget line item? - View

4. How do I find current payroll information on my grants? - View

5. How do I review personnel costing allocations to verify they are current and complete? - View

6. How do I reconcile payroll expenditures on my grants? - View

7. How do I find the current status of a requisition? - View

8. How do I find Miscellaneous Payment Requests? - View

9. How do I view invoices to the sponsor for my awards? - View

10. How do I find the status of invoices on my grants? - View

11. How do I find a summary and the status of all of my proposals? - View