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Business Office Updates

Submitted by Desiree Lutsch,


Driver Registration: The ATI is rolling out online driver registration process starting February 1st, 2020.  The process is completely online and this will eliminate the business office storing restricted data (drivers license information) on physical paperwork.  The process is an initial online form that you submit your name, email and ORG on. 

After you submit this you will receive an email with a link that you enter your driver’s license information in.  Once you submit that information you will receive the confirmation that you are registered. 

    • This applies to faculty, staff, and students.
    • You also use this form to update your license information when renewing your driver’s license.

Travel Update:  Effective January 1, 2020 travel booked through CTP or Concur online will no longer incur a service fee. 

Rental Car Contract Update: Hertz is now contracted with the University for business rental services.  Hertz, National, and Enterprise are all contracted rental vehicles for use when traveling.  At this time the ATI will maintain our local arrangements with Enterprise.  For more information about rental car discounts and information see the OSU Business and Finance Travel link:

Business Office Reminders and Updates:

Use eStores whenever possible for purchases, outside of an internal order this is the preferred method for purchasing.  Please use eStores Staples for office supplies and the minimum order amount is $30.00. 

Special reminder to use the Lowes eStore link – which takes you to the Lowes for Pros storefront, you order online and pick up in store. 









ATI Workday Update February 2020

  • On track for launch in June for HR and July for Finance side of things.  Currently the project teams are identifying security and roles to begin rolling out training in March and April.  See the chart below for more information.
  • Because of workday, some things to think about are summer travel– if there are expenses that need to be paid in advance, please submit your travels as early as possible.  There will most likely be a week or two period around the end of June and beginning of July where the current travel system will not be available and the transition to Workday will take place.
  • Since all University policies are being reviewed, revised, and updated where necessary, The Business Office team will offer bi-weekly policy updates and review sessions beginning in February. Topics will range from business related university policy changes to Workday updates and each session will be different.  Look for session information in future Wednesday Wire’s.
  • And finally, we have earlier inventory deadlines this year.  We will do inventory the week of spring break – Olivia will be coordinating this so watch for her communications.