Wooster Science Cafe Spring 2021: "Chemicals, Clouds, and Climate"

Please join us for the Spring 2021 Season of the Wooster Science Café starting Wed, Feb. 24 at 7pm with Dr. Jennifer Faust, College of Wooster. Please note, we will continue to hold the Café virtually this season.

The Wooster Science Café was established to promote dialogue in the Wooster community about scientific topics of general interest. It is co-sponsored by The College of Wooster and The Ohio State University, and features a local scientist talking about a topic in their area of expertise and facilitating a discussion with the audience.

Normally, we are generously hosted by Spoon Market & Deli, but for now, we are going virtual. So, we encourage you to order some goodies from Spoon and curl up on your couch while you join us for some science!


Wednesday, February 24th, 7-8pm

Jennifer Faust (Dept of Chemistry, The College of Wooster)

Chemicals, Clouds, and Climate

How do chemicals enter the air we breathe? What happens when these chemicals are transported into the atmosphere? More specifically, how do chemicals affect clouds, and how do clouds affect climate? Dr. Faust will lead us in a discussion of how chemicals move between soil, water, and air, and we will explore how cloud chemistry complicates our understanding of climate change.

Use this link to join us at 7pm: HTTPS://OSU.ZOOM.US/J/93148343483?PWD=QM1TQ3ZWMFZVZJF0L3DJMXBOL3HLQT09

We hope you can join us!