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Program Excel hits Substantial Progress goals

Submitted by Kris Boone,

Congratulations to the Program Excel staff, who achieved or exceeded Substantial Progress measures required by the Department of Education to continue funding through the Trio Grant.

Here are the results from 2020-2021 for our funded objectives:

  1. Number funded to serve: 210. We served 179 (85%).
  2. Persistence Objective: 78%. Persistence rate achieved: 75%.
  3. Good Academic Standing Objective: 79%. Good Academic Standing rate achieved: 75%.
  4. Associate’s Degree or Certificate Attainment Objective: 35% Degree/Certificate Attainment rate achieved: 51%
  5. Associate’s Degree and Transfer from 2-Year to 4-Year Institution Objective: 11%. Degree and Transfer rate achieved: 19%

The Department of Education requires that:

  • 66% of all students we serve must be both first-generation and low income or students with disabilities, and
  • 33% of all students with disabilities that we serve must also be low income

These are not annual objectives. Instead, they are part of the overall contract with the Department of Education. This is why there is no leeway on serving those percentages each year, regardless of how many students we serve or how many are enrolled at ATI.

·66% most eligible requirement: we served 69%.

·33% of students with disabilities are also low-income requirement: we served 34%.

Given the enormous challenges for students during 2020-202, we have been pulling out all the stops this year to seek out and serve all of the eligible students who are enrolled. Because there aren’t enough enrolled students to make our funded number, we are making plans to reach (and will be counting on-campus partners to help us reach) incoming students this summer to make our funded number. 

"We have proven that we are downright tenacious about what we need to do," said Dee Dee Snyder. "That commitment, expertise, and focus helped us achieve amazing results during the most difficult grant year in the 30 plus years of this grant. Thank you for the great work you do to serve students and to make it possible so we can continue to serve students!"