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You Can Feed Student Success!

Submitted by Thom Janini,

bagDonations of shelf-stable foods, snacks and toiletries can be dropped off at collection boxes located at the Library (Halterman Hall), Housing Administration Office (Applewood Village) and Student Success Services (Skou Hall). Financial donations can be made at the Buck-I-EAT development fund (315953). 

The Buck-I-Eat program was inspired by members of the Ohio State ATI Collegiate FFA service committee with a two-fold mission: 1.) to ensure that no buckeye goes hungry and 2.) to promote healthy eating patterns. All students are eligible to participate (no application or appointment) at the self-service pantry located at Student Success Services (128 Skou Hall). The Buck-I-Eat food pantry is maintained by generous donations from the Ohio State ATI community. For more information contact Ruth Montz, Co-Advisor, Ohio State ATI Collegiate FFA Service Committee.