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Submitted by Kris Boone,

Dear Colleagues,

More than 4,000 students at Ohio State have disclosed a disability. Yet surveys of the Columbus campus reveal that students with disabilities continue to report a lower sense of belonging and acceptance than students without disabilities. We must do better.

To help instructors at all levels set a supportive tone and establish an effective process for working with students with disabilities, Student Life Disability Services and the ADA Coordinator’s Office have developed the Beyond Compliance Toolkit, an online collection of articles and videos that offer insight into fostering a campus culture of inclusion. This webpage also includes links to information on managing accommodation requests, points of contact, best practices, and education and training.

Today, I’m asking you to review the Beyond Compliance Toolkit and reflect on how you welcome students with disabilities into your classes and how you work with students who request accommodations. Both offices are prepared to assist with any questions you might have and welcome any inquiries for support. In the end, this isn’t about compliance. It’s about fairness, opportunity and understanding.

Thank you for your support and the efforts you make to help all Buckeyes fulfill their potential