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Recognition of Outstanding Students

Submitted by Ben King,

It is time to think about recognizing our students and just like everything else over the past year, our student recognition is being handled differently this spring. This year we will celebrate Outstanding Student Award recipients with a personalized video where they will be recognized for their achievement which will be posted on the Ohio State ATI website. Students will be completing their application documents, but they may be contacting you for endorsement statements to submit on their behalf. All application materials need to be in on or before Monday, March 8th.

Considering the challenges of the past year, please be conscientious of deserving students and encourage them to apply for recognition. We have students that are deserving that may have graduated Summer 2020 or even last semester that may not receive email notices. Even students that are graduating this spring may miss out on some notices due to the distribution tools. As a faculty or staff member that knows of deserving students, let us all reach out to these students and give them the nudge to complete their applications. As many of you know, an email from an advisor or instructor tends to get more notice than a newsletter. Please keep in mind that eligible students are those that have graduated Summer or Autumn of 2020, or will graduate Spring 2021. Any student applying for consideration must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA to be eligible.

The forms can be accessed and downloaded from the following links:

Endorsement Statement 

Student Application 

 The application document and endorsement document are both Microsoft Word documents this year and can be accessed through the accompanying hyperlinks. When the hyperlink is selected it will download the Word document, if it does not open automatically you may need to navigate to your Downloads folder to open it. If you are using a mobile device, then you may need to prompt the browser to download the file instead of previewing the file. If you are using a mobile device you will need to make sure that you have the MS Word app on your device.  

All current students will be receiving an email with similar instructions, but again, please consider mentioning the outstanding student award to those students that you feel would be good candidates.