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Important information about Handshake

Submitted by Denise Rotavera-Krain,

The CFAES Career Team has been encouraged by the rest of the university career services offices to remove the resume review requirement for students who upload their resumes onto Handshake. This will begin in SP 22 as a pilot, and we will revisit this issue at the end of the academic year. 

What this means for students and instructors:

  1. An instructor can no longer require an “approved” resume on Handshake as part of an assignment.  Resumes that are uploaded are immediately available for employers to see.  An instructor can still design an assignment that involves creating a HS profile, complete searched and activities involving the navigation of Handshake.  
  2. If you require that students create a resume to be placed on Handshake, please consider inviting me to class to do a workshop and possibly structuring the assignment with multiple revisions. 
  3. Please encourage students to make an appointment with me to work on their resume, especially if what you are seeing is very far off the mark in terms of both format and content.  Poorly constructed resumes make everyone look bad.