Wednesday Wire : December 26, 2019

In This Issue:
  1. Minimum Wage Increase

    Submitted by Robin Frazier,

     Just a friendly reminder that minimum wage increases for the state of Ohio, effective January 1st. Minimum wage in Ohio will increase 15 cents from $8.55 to $8.70 for all non-tipped workers. To ensure the change coincides with the beginning of a pay period, OHR centrally implemented the increases for all employees affected by the minimum wage change effective December 22, 2019. 

  2. BTES Speaking Engagements

    Submitted by Kim Sayers,

    Melanie Garcia, Corporate Training Account Exec, and Kim Sayers, Director of BTES, have recently been asked to hop on the speaking circuit. Melanie and Kim were invited to deliver breakout sessions at the Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association's Member Summit Management Retreat on December 11 in Columbus. For audiences of 50 to 100 managers and owners, Melanie led a session titled "Teach a Manager to Coach... and Watch the GROWTH," while Kim presented "Boots & Stilettos: What I've Learned about Taking Leadership One Step at a TIme." 
    Melanie presented two workshops in Chicago December 15 at the annual conference for Great Lakes region of the Council for the Advancement & Support of Education (CASE). For a group of approximately 50 new advancement/development professionals from 4-year private and public colleges, she delivered the following workshops:  "No One Cares about your IQ if you don't have EQ (Emotional Intelligence)," and "Leadership is an Attitude, Not a Title (Steps you can take to build your leadership skills even if you aren't officially the leader)." 
    Kim and Melanie will go back on the road in January to lead workshops at two additional conferences, one is ONLA's Credits & Coffee Program, offering CEUs for their members, and the other is the Ohio Produce Growers & Retail Association annual conference.