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Texas Buffy 2521 models for Select Sires

Submitted by Royce Thornton,

Congratulations to the Ohio State ATI Dairy.  OSU-ATI Texas Buffy 2521 is the featured cow in the following Select Sires ad for her sire Heartland Irwin Texas.  OSU-ATI Texas Buffy 2521's performance credentials are:  evaluated Excellent 90% at 2 years and 10 months for conformation; produced 15,790 pounds of milk, 759 pounds of fat, and 588 pounds of protein in her first lactation starting at 1 year and 9 months of age; genetically evaluated in the 84th percentile of the Jersey breed with a USDA Net Merit index of 266$ and a Jersey Performance Index of 99; and compared to the other ATI Jersey cows has an estimated producing ability of a +1902 pounds of milk, +134 pounds of fat, and +102 pounds of protein.