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Student employment process

Submitted by Robin Frazier,

Effective immediately, ALL student employees are required to complete a student application. This includes FWS students and non-OSU student employees. An application should be completed by all returning student employees since they would not have completed one last year. This application must be submitted with the Request for Student Employment Form in order to initiate the hire process. All forms are available on the ATI Intranet. Please remember to complete termination forms for any of your students that will not be returning to work this AU semester. As a friendly reminder, below is the step-by-step process for student hires. A new Request for Student Employment Form or Job Referral Form must be submitted for all students, including those returning from last year because it's a new academic year. 1. Supervisor has the student complete a Student Application Form. 2. Supervisor completes the Request for Student Employment Form. If the student is eligible for Federal Work Study, they must print out the Job Referral Form and have the supervisor complete the form. 3. Supervisor submits forms to HR. Students are also welcome to bring the forms to HR with their identification for the I-9 form. 4. HR will coordinate with Academic Affairs to verify student’s enrollment and fee status and then HR will make any necessary updates to the position if need be (i.e. supervisor, location, time approver, wage changes, etc. ) If you plan on hiring a large number of students, I would advise reaching out to me in advance to see how many positions are available for your department in case more need to be created/updated. 5. Once the position has been approved, HR will draft a letter of offer via DocuSign. It will be sent electronically to the Department Head, Division Chair, or PI for review and signature. Once signed, it will go directly to the student to sign electronically to the OSU email provided on the request form. 6. Once HR receives a copy of the signed LOO, a background check will be initiated (if applicable) and a hire packet will be sent to the student via DocuSign for completion. Only students with access to restricted data are required to have a university background check. This must be selected on the Request for Student Employment Form. The university will send the student an email to complete an authorization form in order to initiate the check. 7. The student must complete the hire packet and setup an appointment to bring their identification in if they did not do this as part of step #3. HR will upload their documents to their hire packet and then their hire will be entered in the HR System by the Service Center so they can have access to etimesheet and Employee Self-Service. 8. It will be the student’s responsibility to print out their OPERS Exemption Form and either return it to me or mail it the OHR address on the form, within 30 days of their hire. If their form is not received within 30 days of their hire, students will pay into OPERS.

Important things to remember:
• The DocuSign process does create efficiencies, however, students will need to be reminded by their supervisors that they must check their email for their hire paperwork. The speed of this process will rely heavily on how quickly the student completes their paperwork.
• Students cannot bring in expired identification or photocopies of their identification for the I-9 form. They must be current and original.
• If you do not have a job title already in the system and on file with Academic Affairs or myself, a position will need to be created and you will need to allow at least a week to get one created and approved before we can start the hire process.
• Students cannot start work until you receive a copy of the Request for Student Employment from me.
• Please allow 2 weeks to get your students hired. It does not normally take 2 weeks to complete the hire process, however, there are several steps and approvals required to hire anyone and we need to allow ample time to complete the process. The College has only one shared Service Center that enters the hires and so they are trying to process all transactions across all department within the College.