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Recognition for AET Faculty

Submitted by Royce Thornton,

Below are updates on activities and recognition received by several AET Division faculty and staff (in collaboration with others as listed) since Spring Semester.

  • Bennett-Wimbush, K; Mastellar, S.L. (2020). Effects of trimming style on hoof landings and morphometric measurements in the horse. RCOSA
  • Witter, J. (2020) Cache River Watershed ditch management implementation and research. The Nature Conservancy. ($69,891) 
  • Lyon, S. and J. Witter. (2020) What's the real nutrient load reduction achieved using controlled drainage structures? Harmful Algal Bloom Initiative. ($94,623)
  • Witter, J. (2020) Integrated vegetation-based solutions to farm nutrient management. Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. ($60,256)
  • Winston, R. and J. Witter. Inlet protection comparison for sediment control on highway construction. Ohio Department of Transportation. (FY21 funding approved - $236,369)
  • Witter, J., Mecklenburg, D. and Z. Raudenbush. Development of cost effective alternatives for mitigating debris and environmental impacts around bridge piers. Ohio Department of Transportation (FY21 funding approved - $229,900) 

   Journal articles published:

  • Nold, R., Mastellar, S. L., & Cortus, E. C. (2020). Simulating Public Meetings on Controversial Agricultural Issues Using Cross-Departmental Collaboration. NACTA Journal, 63(2), 54-58.
  • Ranjan P, Witter JD (2020) Promoting adoption of two-stage agricultural drainage ditches: A change agent perspective. PLoS ONE 15(3): e0229969. 
  • Zone P. P, Culman S.W., Haden V.R., Lindsey L.E., Fulford A.M., and Zhao K. (2020) Do soil test levels and fertilization with phosphorus and potassium impact field crop tissue concentrations? Agronomy Journal 112:4:3024-3036
  • M. Amstutz, M. Schleppi, K. McGuire, C. Meek, B. Steele, N. Farquhar, B. Lawwill, R. Thornton, D. Jepsen, K. Scaife, J. Witter, R. Billman, D. Mann, Z. Raudenbush. Operations with Students. (2020) Developing an Assessment Program for Safe Agricultural Equipment Operations with Students. NACTA Conference.

   Extension publications:

   Media appearances:

  • Hiney, K.; Martinson, K.; Mastellar, S.L. (2020). Battling Biting Bugs: The Real Stories of Equine Owners Fights with Flies. Tack Box Talk podcast by eXtension Horses. Season 2 Episode 28.

   Honors/service to the discipline:

  • Sara Mastellar appointed chair of the Equine Science Society’s Teaching and Extension Committee.
  • Sara Mastellar named to board of the National Association of Equine Affiliated Academics.
  • Jon Witter served as an external committee member for Julie Malan's (Central Queensland University) dissertation defense (Title: Offstream watering points for cattle as a method for riparian restoration) 
  • Ryan Haden was given the Outstanding Faculty Program for Community Building Award on behalf of the Residence Life Academic Initiatives Committee, for his work developing a Student Composting Program for ATI Housing during the 2019-2020 academic year.

   Virtual events: