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Classroom HVAC Assessment project

Submitted by Joe Messenger,

Hello. A quick update on the Classroom HVAC Assessment project.

As a reminder:

Over the summer, the university tested the airflow in all classrooms.  MERV-13 filters (recommended for trapping potentially infectious airborne particulates) were already installed in all buildings. One part of the project over the summer was setting systems for more total air exchanges per hour in classrooms, and the percentage of outside air brought into the systems was increased to meet recommendations.  

Most classrooms passed the enhanced requirements. Those below, failed to meet airflow requirements.  Supplemental air filtration systems have been installed in those rooms to meet the requirements.  Unfortunately, these systems generate some noise, so we encourage teams to either schedule to teach in other rooms or at a minimum be informed that the machines are working and encouraged to check out the rooms soon to determine if they need to move their classes. 

  • Skou Hall 

Room 100       2 units

Room 136       1 unit

Room 134       1 unit

  • Halterman Hall 

Room 280       1 unit