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Research help in the Library

Submitted by Kathy Yoder,

Are you asking your students to do a research project this semester? Don't assume they know how to find quality information. The library is here to offer help to students with research. I'm able to host your class in the library's computer lab and go over appropriate databases for your topic, discuss key words, help them differentiate between non-scholarly and peer-reviewed articles, and basically kick start their projects. Students leave the session with the confidence to tackle their assignment.
Another popular option is to assign a consultation with a librarian. Give me heads up that your students will be reaching out to me and what the assignment is, and I'll keep a list of who follows through. It can be as simple as finding a scholarly article on a certain topic. 
Please reach out to me at yoder.332 and we can discuss what will work for your students.
Thanks, Kathy Yoder, Librarian