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Report from Campus Safety Committee

Submitted by Royce Thornton,

The most recent Wooster Campus Safety Committee Meeting was on July 18th.  Here are some key points that were discussed in the meeting.

  • Riding in the bed/back of pickup trucks:  Employees and students should not ride in the bed/back of pickup trucks and similar equipment (ATVs, trailers, etc.) for obvious safety reasons.  The practice is not illegal in Ohio.  However, the University policy is that no employees or students should ride in the bed/back of pickup trucks, ATVs, trailers, etc.  Please abide by the policy and encourage students to not allow individuals to ride in the bed/back of privately owned pickup trucks, ATVs, trailers, etc. 
  • Pesticide and herbicide labels/signage:  Be sure to label fields, plots, etc. with approved pesticide and herbicide labels/signage after application.  Also, be sure to remove the labels/signage when the time period has expired.  The non-removal of the label/signage in timely manner frequently leads to individuals who become complacent in regard to the label/signage and ignore the warnings.
  • Please obey traffic regulations on campus:  stop at stop signs, travel at posted speeds or lower, and park in designated parking spots.
  • Fire extinguishers:  All of the fire extinguishers on campus are being replaced.  The new fire extinguishers have a red tag instead of a green tag.  If you notice a fire extinguisher with a green tag please notify Wooster Campus Public Safety (David Drake –