5 Suggestions to Help Students Get Through This Semester

Submitted by Dee Dee Snyder, snyder.426@osu.edu

This semester is an unprecedented experience for students, and many students are struggling with how to manage their academics and their lives in these new circumstances.

In situations like these, it helps students to remember some basics for learning and self-management. Consider sharing these tips with students:

  1. Make and follow a daily schedule or To Do List. Schedule time to do asynchronous class time and time to work on assignments and studying. Set time to start a paper or project, then schedule another time to continue working on it.
  2. Manage your distractions. Try to work where and when you experience the least distractions. Work on the most difficult material during your most productive time of day. Schedule time to check social media and to take breaks.
  3. Find balance intentionally. Make it a priority to check in with friends and family. Plan and do activities to recharge every day, including setting boundaries for alone/non-academic time if you need it.
  4. Remember that this is temporary. You will only need to manage this for a short time. Think about your long-term education and career goals when you need motivation.
  5. Use your resources. Stay in contact with your faculty advisor and your classroom professors—you will need to make important academic decisions and you should consult them. Keep in contact with other important resources, such as these:

Counseling Services: https://ati.osu.edu/counseling-services

Disability Services: https://ati.osu.edu/currentstudents/studentservices/disability-services

Program Excel Academic Mentors and Academic Coaches: Leslie Eisberg.1@osu.edu, Mary Ann Frantz.54@osu.edu, Keegan Hange.7@osu.edu, Kelly Mata.46@osu.edu, Denny Talampas.1@osu.edu

College Success Counselor, Denise Rotavera-Krain Rotavera-krain.1@osu.edu

Transition Counselor, Cate Hunko: hunko.1@osu.edu

Learning Lab, Penny Nemitz: nemitz.7@osu.edu 

Financial Aid, Julia Morris: morris.878@osu.edu

Academic Policy & Process Changes: https://ati.osu.edu/currentstudents/academics

Keep Learning: Temporary Remote Resources:  https://keeplearning.osu.edu/