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Mark Schleppi recognized for outstanding presentation at Powers Tractor School

Submitted by Royce Thornton,

 Recently Mark Schleppi gave an hour-long presentation at the Powers Tractor School in Illinois. The Powers Tractor School is a conference for antique tractor hobbyists. More than 250 people from 25 states and Canada were in attendance. Here are excerpts from the thank you letter that Mark received.
   "While we had a really great group of presenters, you really stood out. It became obvious in your seminar that you were a professional educator."
   "You had by far the most difficult topic and you taught it in a practical way that the crowd could understand. The way you mixed in real life examples after explaining an engineering mechanical concept brought it all home for participants. I was standing off to your right facing the crowd and you could just see the light come on for them - myself included!"
   "The way you were able to tie in The Ohio State University in historically as one of the first "Tractor Schools" was really a nice touch. This is even coming from a University of Illinois man." 
   "We hope to do it again and certainly hope that you will be part of it!" Kurt Aumann, CAI.
   Congratulations, Mark, for an excellent presentation. Thanks for being an excellent representative of Ohio State ATI. Please ask Mark if you desire more details about his presentation or the antique tractor conference.