Wednesday Wire: April 28, 2021

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Awards and Recognition

  1. On behalf of the Student Recognition Committee and the Ohio State ATI campus, please join with me to congratulate this year’s students for their accomplishments. This year we are recognizing 14 students for their dedication and commitment to not only their academic pursuits, but also their


  1. How do we produce healthy plants? What is Integrated Pest Management? What is Biological Control?

  2. At 1 p.m. Thursday (April 29) the last installment of the Documenting Your Teaching series will guide participants through a facilitated writing session around creating focused and effective teaching narratives

  3. Hanging baskets, bedding & vegetable flats,  patio pots, annuals, perennials and much more!

  4. What do we know about the first-generation student experience? The panelists for this session, all contributors to the forthcoming First-Generation Student Annotated Bibliography, will draw on the research and practice literature, mass media, and popular culture over the last decade to answer


  1. The Advising Touchpoints Newsletter will be published Thursday, April 29. Be sure to sign into Microsoft Teams to find interesting articles and valuable resources. 

  2. The end of the semester can be stressful for students, faculty and staff in normal times, but everyone is dealing with additional stressors this year. All year long, we've sought to be mindful about the wellness of our students and colleagues, and we need to remain thoughtful as we enter these

  3. If you are a faculty-, staff-, academic affairs-, student life- advisor please take a few minutes to fill out this assessment survey by following the link below.   It will take less than 5 minutes and has 12 questions.  Even if you have not used the Team, we want to hear from


  1. Starting in mid-May, the university will be transitioning content from the Keep Teaching website — which was created in response to the pandemic — to the new Teaching