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Passing of Chuck Dougherty, ATI Retiree

Submitted by: Kim Sayers.1

It is with a heavy heart that I share news of Chuck Dougherty’s passing. In the early 1990s, shortly after Chuck retired from WR Grace as Vice President and General Manager of Diamonite Division, Dr. Dan Garrison, Director of ATI at the time, hired Chuck to work in what was then the ATI Office of Continuing Education. Chuck worked part-time as our local business and industry training coordinator. I remember thinking at the time, “Me? Supervising a retired manufacturing exec?!?” I had just finished grad school before coming to ATI and had only supervised college students. Chuck and I butted heads a few times early on, but that was because of my lack of self-confidence back then, along with the stubbornness that came naturally to both of us. I am so grateful we ended up building a wonderful relationship and lifelong friendship. I learned more about manufacturing, business and industry, leadership and troubleshooting from him than I ever thought possible.

You can read Chuck’s obituary here: