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Wooster Campus Staff Council announces Town Hall meetings

Submitted by Zac Burkey,

In these trying times, we want to let you to know that the Wooster Staff Council is here for you! If you have any questions during these difficult times, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or your Wooster Campus Staff Council representative. We will all do our best to get them answered as quickly as possible.  

The Dean has scheduled 3 town hall meetings to be held on the Wooster Campus.  They are scheduled to be held May 1, July 21, Oct 23.  The May 1 Town Hall is to be held virtually.  Please use this Qualtrics link: to ask question(s).  We will make sure that it gets to everyone involved in the Town Hall meeting to hopefully be answered. We are not requesting names or any contact information in order to make to make it as anonymous as possible. 

We as a council hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!