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Wednesday Wire: April 22, 2020

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Attention to Retention

  1. In the months ahead, if our students withdraw or do not return, what will our plan be? I hope that as part of the Retention Task Force Committee, we or the University as a whole, will have a plan to reach out to those students to address their concerns and encourage returning when the time is


  1. The Dean has scheduled 3 town hall meetings to be held on the Wooster Campus.  They are scheduled to be held May 1, July 21, Oct 23.  The May 1 Town Hall is to be held virtually. 

  2. Imagine your team having an expanded toolbox to work more collaboratively, with more agility, and more creativity than ever before. You can now make that a reality with EVERYTHING DISC® AGILE EQ™!


  1. With yesterday’s announcement of the funding available for Staff Professional Development during COVID-19, I thought I’d share with you the variety of options for web-based learning available from BTES. As a certified provider of DDI training and development (DDI is a global communication and

Recognition and Celebrations

  1. Congrats to ACEL for winning Article of the Year and Runner-Up honors in the Journal of Applied Communications! 

  2. The 2020 ATI Homecoming Committee is honored to announce the 2020 Homecoming Court. Court members include: Lindsey Spurlock, Megan Drake, Olivia Rinesmith, Gage Harris, Chad Bostic, and Ryan Patton.

  3. The Employee Recognition Banquet scheduled for Thursday, May 7th will be postponed until the Holiday Gathering in December.

    Nominations for Outstanding Faculty and Staff will be accepted throughout the fall and presented at the Holiday Gathering.



  1. If you need assistance designing and posting an online final for your course, please feel free to contact me and I can meet you in Zoom.