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Online Assessment

Submitted by Thom Janini,

   Dear Professors, 
   We know you are all very busy working with your students in a new virtual environment, so I will keep this message from the Retention Task Force to the point. As you undoubtedly have discovered, teaching in this environment is quite different from the face-to-face setting of the classroom. This is especially true when it comes to assessing student learning. Collected below are links to a few resources to help you find and refine assessment techniques that better fit this unique situation. 
   1. An ODEE online webinar, Keep Teaching: Alternatives to Exams and Finals 
   An archived Keep Teaching webinar 
   2. Quiz Moderation on Carmen Canvas 
   3. Online Assessment from the ODEE Resource Center
   We are all learning as we move into new territory. It’s difficult but can also be very exciting if you remember not to be too hard on yourself and give yourself credit for all the new things you are leaning, too. And don’t forget to share what you discover with your colleagues at your next virtual meeting! 
   Thank you for persevering in this difficult time. 
   Thom Janini 
   ATI Retention Task Force