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Facilities upgrades underway

A variety of renovation projects have been underway at Ohio State ATI for the past several months, and many are nearing completion.

Handicap accessible restrooms have been added to each floor in Halterman and Skou. In some locations, renovations were made to existing facilities. In others, new restrooms were created. 

The first of two projects involving the storage barns on the central campus has been completed, with the complete reskinning of the pole barn used for equipment storage. As part of the renovation, dedicated space for chemical storage and mixing will be created.

Extensive repair to the exterior of Halterman Hall is nearing completion, and at the Grace Drake Learning Laboratory, a clean room for embryo transfer has been completed at the beef cattle handling facility.

Also completed are the repaving and repair of Garrison Circle and the Skou Hall parking lot as well as driveways at the Grace Drake Learning Laboratory.  

Projects slated for the near future are a new laboratory space for the construction and landscape programs, to be located behind the maintenance garage area. Structural repairs and infrastructure improvements for the greenhouses will be completed in the coming months.