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Wooster Career Development honored with Program of the Year award

Submitted by Carri Gerber,

Congratulations to our Career Development Offices in Columbus and Wooster for being recognized with one of two Program of the Year awards yesterday at the University Career Services Committee (UCSC) Retreat! 

Here is the nomination essay submitted for “Bridging the Gap: Cross Campus Collaboration for CFAES Career Development Services”: 

“CFAES Careers Team collaborated to pilot an initiative to introduce CFAES Wooster students to career development and career competencies. Our team started by creating multiple career development roadmaps that allows all CFAES students, Columbus and Wooster to figure out where they are and what their next steps could be to continue on their career development journey. Denise then attended all GENSTDS 1201 course in the first half of the AU22 semester to talk about the importance of career competencies and they explored ways they can gain experience in those areas. With the buy in of the instructors we were able to make meeting with a Career Advisor a requirement. Our team identified a day that our Columbus Career Advisors could travel to Wooster campus so that we could gain visibility and build relationship with students that may be transitioning to Columbus campus in the future. During those appointment we talked about what our roadmaps and where they were at with the road maps and then highlighted the resources that best fit each individual student. At the end of the apts. we scheduled each student for a follow up to see the progress they made in the second 7 weeks of the semester. Overall, this program allowed us to do the following. Increase the likelihood of a smooth transition for CFAES Wooster students coming to Columbus campus. Provided equity in Career Development resources for both campuses. Increased the numbers of appointments and follow up appointments our office has seen (Continues to increase). Where it is going moving forward: Additional course buy-in – CFAES Wooster Exploration course signed on to do a resume presentation during class by Denise and will be adding a resume apt as a required assignment the second half of the AU 23 semester.”

Congratulations, Denise and Columbus career team!