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Laura Deeter's faculty challenge

Submitted by Kris Boone,

 If you missed this year's commencement, you missed Laura Deeter's faculty challenge, which garnered much laughter and applause. Here is an excerpt:

"With apologies to the Dean because I know we are officially CFAES Wooster, but there are no words with CFAES as a string of letters. But there ARE a lot of words with ATI in them.

You all did a few things in classes:

You did triangulation, installation, conservation.

Perhaps some did recreations, presentations, and applications of information.

You might have cried over computations, integrations, and titrations.

You took examinations, practiced sanitation and punctuation.

Some used automations

You did fertilizations, had collaborations.

Did identification and cultivation, and learned about precipitation.

And for you animal folks, a word I just learned, palpation. (You animal folks do some weird things).

Perhaps you gained some inspiration from your education.

Hopefully there was little to no intoxication leading to hospitalization, or worse, a conversation with administration.

In closing, we offer our congratulations on your graduation and upcoming celebrations.

Go Bucks!”