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Submitted by Kathy Yoder,

As the school year comes to an end, it is time to remind everyone about getting rid of old documents.  OSU doesn’t want old records filling up filing cabinets, real or digital.  Below you’ll find a link to the current Records Retention Schedule for your reference.

For those of you teaching courses, you’ll want to turn to the pages headed “Student & Course Records.”  You’ll find it on pages 32-36 in the print copy, and pages 39-43 in the electronic pdf version.

For those of you getting rid of a series of documents, there is a Certificate of Records Destruction that you fill out ahead of time and send to the OSU University Archives first for clearance. 

If you feel an item has historical significance to ATI, please contact us in the library and we will determine if it should be saved in ATI archives.

Note:  NOT getting rid of things because you are “afraid” is not a good reason to hang on to things.  Please refer to the schedule.  If it is not in the schedule, then you can get rid of it immediately!

For 2023, the records management training placed an emphasis on your email as records.  It was suggested that you particularly organize and save your “Sent” email.

Links to more information regarding records management are below.

Have a good summer after you are done destroying your records! 


Kathy Yoder


Records Retention General Schedule


OSU Records Management Homepage