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Management & Supervision

Having well trained and compassionate managers and supervisors, at all levels, is key to helping your company succeed and keeping your employees happy. Let us help you with management and supervisory skills training.

  1. Conflict…it’s a natural part of life and can be destructive and intimidating. However, if addressed constructively, conflict can lead to heightened creativity, resiliency, opportunity, and personal and organizational growth.

  2. The Supervisor's Toolbox is for frontline supervisors, lead people, those new to supervision and those with minimal experience or training.

  3. DiSC® is a model of human behavior that helps us understand why and how people say and do things based on their style tendencies. 

  4. Managing Time & Priorities is a participant-oriented workshop that includes group interaction, small group discussions and action-planning feedback, based on the Time Mastery Profile®.