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Plagiarism Help

Instructors should do their best to prevent plagiarism, but they must report violations when they occur.

Preventing Plagiarism
The Committee on Academic Misconduct has many tips to help instructors prevent academic misconduct, including plagiarism. Instructors should also be familiar with ATI's Student Handbook and OSU's Code of Student Conduct. A video entitled "Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism" is now available online in the Knowledge Bank. This video provides an opportunity for students and instructors to learn what constitutes plagiarism and how to prevent it.

Reporting Plagiarism
The most common way students commit plagiarism and violate the Code of Student Conduct in a course is turning in work that is not their own. This can take many forms including:

  • copying other students' work (both current and previous students)
  • copying and pasting content from the internet into a paper without citation
  • purchasing a research paper and putting their own name on it

Instructors who believe that a student has plagiarized or exhibited other academic misconduct behavior are obligated by University Rules to report the student.  At the ATI campus, instructors should discuss the matter with their Division Chair and Jeanne Osborne, Associate Director for Academic Affairs, who will assist them in reporting the case.