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Course Reserves

Physical Reserves
Physical reserves are used for items that are not eligible for eReserves like books and sometimes videos. The ATI Library also has many textbooks and puts them on reserve for students to use in the library. Policies for physical reserves are:

  • items may not leave the library
  • items must be checked out with a photo ID
  • items are due the same day before closing

To put items on physical reserves, please bring them to the library.

eReserves allows multiple students to access the material at any time via Carmen. Turnaround time for new items to appear in Carmen can be up to four weeks at the beginning of the semester. Items that have previously been on eReserves have a turnaround time of a few days.

What can you put on eReserves?
Instructor-owned materials (class notes, previous tests, class assignments, sample work/problems) and supplemental readings (book excerpts, articles, charts, statistics, websites). Additional items like videos are eligible once copyright permission is obtained.

What is the first step to putting items on eReserves?
Bring the items, digitized or physical, to the ATI Library. The library will do the rest including digitizing and adding the items into Carmen.

Note: Instructors do not need to use Carmen AT ALL to offer their students eReserves materials. If the instructor does not create a Carmen course, the library will create one so students can access eReserves items. Instructors just need to tell their students to log into the Carmen class to see the items.