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Video Cameras

Video Cameras

Cisco Flip Ultra HD
Model: U32120

Contents: camera, moleskin camera sleeve, USB extension cable, user guide

Product Type: Camcorder - HD 720p

Connect the built-in USB arm to your computer to launch FlipShare software, which allows video sharing

You will need to charge the battery prior to use, which can take up to 6 hours

Memory: 8 GB of built-in memory

Recording Time: 2 hours

Battery Type: Rechargeable (when connected to USB); 3 AAA batteries may be used as a back-up power source (not provided)

Battery Life: 90 minutes

Minimum Focus Range: 5 ft.

Video: 16:9 widescreen, 60 frames per second, recorded as MP4 files

Display Type: 2" LCD

Microphone: Stereo

Digital Zoom: 2x

Weight: 1 lb.


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