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The library sends all library notices to patrons' OSU email address. However, patrons should always check their library record online to ensure accuracy. Note: not receiving an email about due dates or recalls is not an excuse to have a fine waived.

Circulation Policies
Checking out and renewing materials
ATI follows the OSU Library policies for checkout durations and renewals. The only exception is that all patrons borrow popular collection items for three weeks, and faculty and staff can set their own due dates for AV items.

Library Fines/Fees
ATI follows the OSU Library policies for library fine accruals. Library fines may be paid to accounts receivable in Workday.  Fines may be appealed if an error was made on our part. 

Computer Use
The ATI Library has 27 computers (18 of which are in the library computer lab), and 3 iMac computers available for public use. The computers have no time limits and are first-come, first-serve. ATI adheres to The Ohio State University's Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing and Network Resources. The library computer lab is used to teach information literacy and library sessions and may not be reserved for non-library functions.

Acceptable Behavior
All library patrons and staff are to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner. Library patrons are also expected to abide by directives of the library staff. Those who become disruptive, disrespectful, and/or destructive will be asked to leave and may be referred to Campus Police.

Quiet Study Room
All patrons in the quiet study room must keep quiet and even whispering should be kept at an absolute minimum. Cell phones are not to be used for talking, but patrons can text if the keypad does not beep.

Cell Phones
Patrons are permitted to talk on their cell phones anywhere in the library except for the Quiet Study Room. However, talking should be in a normal voice. Patrons who are disrupting others with their cell phone will be asked to step outside until they are finished.

Printing, Copying, Scanning
ATI printing, copying, and scanning must adhere to copyright laws. All patrons must use a BuckID card for printing and copying. Patrons can add money to their BuckID card online. Black and white printing and copying costs 6 cents per page per side. Color printing is 20 cents per page per side. Scanning is free and allows patrons to scan photos or documents and email the files. Students and staff/faculty can print on OSU printers from their own computers by using Uniprint FollowMe Printing.

Collection Policy (including donations)
The focus of the ATI collection is to support students' needs while completing their course and degree requirements. All requests for purchasing and donations will be reviewed by the Library Director for inclusion in the collection based on this focus. Other details that are considered include:

  • Format (VHS and other outdated formats will not be added)
  • Date (items should be recently published or have historical value)
  • Purpose (the library will not purchase instructional material for instructors; they must use their instructional budget for these types of purchases)
  • Condition (items in poor condition will not be added to the collection)


  • Daily Lockers are available for anyone with a valid record in the OSUL database.
  • Keys are available at the Circulation Desk and will be checked out to your Library Account.
  • All keys for daily lockers are due before closing of the same day.
  • Non-circulating materials cannot be placed in the lockers, e.g., library reserve textbooks, reference materials, periodicals, etc.
  • Library staff will have access to materials stored in lockers and may remove materials from them.
  • The library is not responsible for theft of or damage to possessions left in lockers.
  • Items not removed from lockers will be transferred to the ATI Campus Lost & Found by 9:00 AM the following morning.
  • Fines for keys will be $2 for first day late, and $5 a day thereafter and a replacement charge will apply if not returned after 7 days.
  • Cost of replacement key is $30.00.

University Policies and how they are established are found at The only way to ensure you’re working with the current policy is to go to the website and refresh your cache, rather than saving the document or a website as a favorite.