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Program Excel Exceeds Goals for Year Three!

   Each year, Program Excel submits an annual performance report to the Department of Education in which the grant is measured on its funded objectives for student success. 
   Program Excel reports that the grant exceeded all of its annual goals for 2022-2023: persistence (achieved: 85%, target: 78%), good academic standing (achieved: 85%, target: 79%), associate degree attainment (achieved: 51%, target: 35%), and transfer to four-year degree program after associate degree attainment (achieved: 18%, target: 11%).
   In 2022-2023, Program Excel served 210 students: 67% were first generation with high financial need; 35% of students with disabilities served were also students with high financial need. The grant’s impact on student retention at ATI is significant, particularly for students in these under-represented populations.
   Congratulations to the Program Excel team and thank you for your outstanding work in providing strategic support to help students reach academic success.