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Hydraulic Power & Motion Control
Ohio State ATI offers an Associate of Applied Science in Hydraulic Power & Motion Control, preparing you for a job in the industry in as little as two years.

Hydraulic Power & Motion Control

Hydraulic Power and Motion Control involves the design, service, fabrication, installation, repair, maintenance, and sale of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrohydraulic control systems. See the link at the right for the course sequence / curriculum.

The Hydraulic Power and Motion Control curriculum includes the study of hydraulic power transmission, the properties of hydraulic fluids, and their ability to convey power. Repair and maintenance of fluid power system components and troubleshooting of fluid power systems are also part of this curriculum.

Technical instruction includes course work in fundamentals of fluid power, methods of power transmission, fluid power components, microcomputers, DC electricity and basic electronics, fluid conveyance, fluids and filters, metal manufacturing, and instrumentation/troubleshooting.


Students in Ohio State ATI’s engineering technologies programs complete an internship of 14 weeks of full-time employment in their field of study. Students are paid for their employment, graded on their job performance, and awarded academic credit. They also participate in practicum, a supervised on-campus work experience.

Career Prospects

Graduates may work for component manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, distributors, rebuilders, and virtually any manufacturing firm. Career opportunities include:

• Lab technician
• Field service technician
• Maintenance technician
• Troubleshooters
• Production supervisor
• Sales representatives
• Systems designers


Ohio State ATI’s students study in a 15,000-square-foot facility which features fully-equipped fluid power and diesel system laboratories. The facility includes laboratory accommodations for hydraulics, pneumatics, gasoline and diesel engine, power transmission, air conditioning, welding, electronics, and metal fabrication training. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes:

• Cummins ISB diesel engine with integral fluid power dynamometer and computerized diagnostic equipment
• Hydraulic systems and trainers for four didactic levels of hydraulic technology training
• Pneumatic fluid power trainer modules
• Fuel systems training and demonstration equipment
• Computer-integrated, multi-channel, mobile data acquisition system (DAQ) and monitoring and analysis software
• Industry-standard Recovery/Recycle/Recharge Automatic Refrigerant Management System

In addition to campus facilities, the 1,700-acre Ohio State ATI Farm is used for training and demonstrations utilizing the latest agricultural equipment.