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Registration and Scheduling

• How to Register for Classes
Course Schedule Changes
Withdrawing from Ohio State ATI

How to Register for Classes

1.  Schedule an Appointment with Your Advisor - Your advisor will help you select courses required for your major. Arrange to talk with your advisor during the first half of each semester to plan your next semester's course schedule. Course offerings can be found at

2.  Complete web registration during your assigned enrollment appointment (the date and time during which you can register for the next semester.)  Your enrollment appointment will be shown on your My Buckeye Link page by clicking on "details" in the Enrollment Appointment box.  If you need scheduling assistance, see:

  • Your academic advisor
  • Academic Affairs, 219 Halterman Hall
  • A Program EXCEL Academic Mentor in 229 Halterman Hall

3.  Print your schedule.  You will need it when you go to buy books.

4.  Pay fees.  Access your Statement of Account from your My Buckeye Link page. Fees are due one week prior to the start of the semester. You will be charged a late penalty if you do not pay your fees by the listed deadline. 

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Course Schedule Changes

To ADD a course THROUGH THE FIRST FRIDAY of the semester:

Add courses via your My Buckeye Link page. The web site will reassess your fees automatically.

When completing the registration process, a course status of "success" means you are enrolled. If the status is "pending" or "errors," click the status link to determine required action. A Course Enrollment Permission form is needed for courses with any of the following errors.

  • requisite not met
  • section full
  • time conflict
  • permission required
  • hours are over 18

Follow the instructions on the cover sheet of the form to submit for approvals and processing.

To ADD a course or CHANGE a section (change to a different lab or lecture) AFTER THE FIRST FRIDAY of the semester:

  • Complete and submit a Course Enrollment Permission form following the instructions on the cover sheet.
  • The Deadline for adding a course is the second Friday of each semester. After this date, a student must petition to the Ohio State ATI Academic Affairs Office. A late add will be approved only if unusual or extenuating circumstances exist beyond the student's control. If the circumstances do not meet these criteria, you will not be permitted to attend the course.
  • You will only receive credit for courses in which you are officially enrolled.

To DROP a course THROUGH THE FOURTH FRIDAY of the semester:

  • Drop the course via your My Buckeye Link page. The web site will reassess fees automatically.

If you need to DROP a course AFTER THE FOURTH FRIDAY and through the TENTH FRIDAY of the semester:

  • Complete and submit a Course Enrollment Permission form following the instructions on the cover sheet.  You will receive an email response from ATI Academic Affairs when processed.
  • A mark of "W" will be entered on your record for the dropped course(s).
  • If you stop attending a course and do not complete this drop process, you will receive a failing grade (E or EN) for that course.

If you need to DROP a course AFTER THE TENTH WEEK of the semester:

  • A petition to drop must be completed and returned to the Ohio State ATI's Academic Affairs Office. Approval will be based on evidence of circumstances beyond the student's control. Lack of preparation or dissatisfaction with the course are not acceptable reasons to drop a course or withdraw this late in the semester. If the petition is denied, you will continue to be enrolled in the course and are expected to complete the requirements for a final grade. If the petition is approved a mark of "W" will be entered on your record.

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Withdrawing From Ohio State ATI

We Are Sorry to See You Go

We recognize that sometimes it is necessary for students to withdraw from the college and that the decision to leave is not made lightly.  To assist you in making this a smooth transition, what follows is a checklist to help you tie up loose ends at ATI, or click CHECKLIST to download a copy.

To withdraw from ATI, please complete the following:

     **NOTE**: If you stop attending your classes but do not officially withdraw, you will receive final grades. 

  • Complete the Withdrawal Exit Interview at Ohio_State_ATI_Student_Exit_Data  
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your plans to withdraw
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with Liz Helterbrand to discuss how withdrawing affects your financial aid situation, Halterman 219,
  • Schedule an appointment with Cindy Shelly ( in the Business Office (Halterman 211) to pay any current balances and continue to watch your Statement of Account for a few weeks after withdrawal to make sure there are no other outstanding balances
  • Arrange to return any books or equipment you borrowed from the library (
  • If applicable, return your iPad and all accessories to the IT department in Halterman Computer Lab.  If no one is available, please call 614-514-4848 to arrange a time to drop off items.

Instructions for Residential Students:

  • Notify ATI Housing ( of your anticipated departure date in writing. Students who withdraw from courses have 72 business hours to remove their belongings from their assigned campus apartment and return keys. Note: Residents are subject to accruing housing charges until keys are returned and paperwork is signed.

Prior to leaving campus:

  • Contact your Resident Advisor, at least 24 hours in advance, if you wish to schedule a damage inspection.  Departures without notice will require an express checkout and you waive your right to contest damages found at year’s end. All personal belongings must be removed prior to inspection.
  • Remove personal mail from your campus mailbox.
  • Visit the Applewood Village front desk to return your keys and sign checkout paperwork. Pick up logged packages.
  • Update your permanent address on BuckeyeLink. Mail will be forwarded to this address for 30 days after departure.