Greenhouse & Nursery Management

twitterGreenhouse and Nursery Management students at Ohio State ATI receive well-rounded classroom instruction complemented with experiential learning while taking advantage of our industry-oriented facilities. Students pursue one of three specializations within the major (see links at the right for the course sequences / curriculum):

  • Students in the Greenhouse specialization focus on the propagation and production of ornamental plants in environmentally controlled greenhouses. It also involves greenhouse vegetable production including hydroponic systems.
  • The Nursery specialization provides students training and practice in the skills of identification, care, propagation and maintenance of both woody and herbaceous plants. 
  • Students can also specialize in Greenhouse Engineering Technology, where they develop the knowledge and skills to use advanced technologies in horticultural plant production, such as computerized environmental control systems, irrigation and water management systems, and environmental sensors for data acquisition.

Floriculture and nursery greenhouse businesses produce and market their products directly to the public, other wholesale greenhouse/nursery businesses, independent garden centers, floral shops, and the mass market.

  1. Students will complete a 14-week internship of full-time employment in the greenhouse or nursery industry that allows them to apply in a commercial environment what they have learned on campus.

  2. Graduates may find jobs in the greenhouse business, nurseries, garden centers, and horticultural companies.

  3. Students have the opportunity to gain experience in our working horticulture facilities: