Ohio State ATI

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Wooster, Ohio

Swine Facility

Finishing barn

The Ohio State ATI swine herd consists of 75 commercial and purebred Yorkshire sows. All sows are bred artificially utilizing the best boars available from the ATI herd as well as various A.I. studs. The farm produces over 1500 pigs annually with approximately one-half of those being finished on the farm. 

Eight sows are farrowed every two weeks in our raised crate system. Pigs are weaned at 18 days of age then go through our 400 pig 2-stage environmentally controlled raised deck nursery. The finishing unit is a partially slatted, double curtained, naturally ventilated facility with an automated feed delivery system. 

Students assist in the daily operation of the herd and facilities, including baby pig management, reproductive management, live animal evaluation, ultrasonics, and computerized record-keeping.