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Spring 2019 Orientation

Orientation: Challenges, Choices, and Connections!

Ohio State ATI's new student Orientation program is mandatory for all incoming first year and transfer students. At orientation you will learn about academic and co-curricular programming, attend a group advising session, schedule your classes, complete university business, and meet with other new students. Orientation registration information is mailed out to admitted students after they pay their acceptance fees. Orientation is a chance for our newest Buckeyes and their families to focus on college life and begin the transition to life as a Buckeye.

First Year and Transfer Students

Orientation is a one-day program. Students completing required placement tests at Orientation will arrive prior to 9:00 AM: Math and English placement testing begins at 8:30 AM. Your parents/guardians (limit 2) are welcome to attend with you. Lunch is provided. The $50.00 orientation registration fee is due and payable at your orientation program.


  • Monday, December 17, 2018
  • Monday, January 7, 2019 (Classes start, Spring 2019 semester)

Reserve an Orientation session. Only students who have been sent a mailing from ATI Orientation with instructions for reserving an orientation session are able to access the online orientation reservation system. Orientation mailings are sent on a rolling basis. Students should follow the instructions in the orientation mailing to reserve their orientation session online. Once you have reserved your orientation session online, you will need to contact Student Success Services at 330-287-1258 to make any changes.

Requesting disability services. Most of the academic accommodations and services available to students during the academic year through Disability Services (DS) are also available to you during orientation. Students with disabilities can receive support services that include test-taking assistance. Disability documentation must be presented to DS for determination of eligibility prior to your orientation session. If arrangements are made in advance, DS will help ascertain needs and arrange appropriate services during orientation for students. Arrangements for family members are also available. We cannot guarantee that services will be available at orientation if arrangements are not made in advance of the program. For more information contact Ruth Montz at montz.11@osu.edu or by phone at 330-287-1258.


Enrollment Appointments are assigned by the university registrar. Enrollment appointments for new students (first year and transfer students) will be unlocked at Orientation.

To access Buckeyelink you will have to register for the BuckeyePass service which is powered by Duo Security. This service provides a second layer of security to your Ohio State account. For more information visit https://buckeyepass.osu.edu. Remember to bring your registered BuckeyePass (e.g., mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer) device with you to orientation!

Placement Tests are required for most students in English and Mathematics. Placement tests should be completed 2 days prior to your Orientation program. Students are encouraged to sample math placement test problems prior to taking the placement test at http://www.math.osu.edu.

Math Placement testing can be completed online. If you have read the instructions and are prepared to take the Math Placement Exam, log in now with your Ohio State Username and password: https://buckeyelink3.osu.edu/secure/math

 Students receiving a placement code "U" (undetermined) must complete in-person math placement testing. Contact Heather Hettick, hettick.1@osu.edu to schedule in-person math placement tests.

English Placement testing, if required, can only be completed in-person. Ohio State ATI uses ACT/SAT test scores to place students into English courses. Students with ACT English test scores between 15 and 18 and students opting not to submit ACT test scores are required to complete the English placement test. If you are required to complete an English placement test, contact Heather Hettick, hettick.1@osu.edu to register for in-person testing. English placement testing should be completed at least 2 days prior to your Orientation program.


Advanced Placement (AP) Test scores must be submitted to The Ohio State University in order for you to receive college credit. You will be required to complete placement tests, if your AP test scores are not received prior to your Orientation program. Once your AP test scores are received, if they are high enough to give your course credit, they will take precedence over placement test scores.

College Credit Plus official transcripts from the college/university you attended must be received no later than two weeks before your Orientation date; otherwise, you will be required to complete placement tests. Send official transcripts from the college/university you attended while a high school student to The Ohio State University, Undergraduate Admissions, P.O. Box 182646, Columbus, OH 43218-2646.

Transfer Students official transcripts from the college/university you attended must be received no later than two weeks before your scheduled orientation date. Official transcripts from your transfer institution can be mailed to: The Ohio State University, Undergraduate Admissions, P.O. Box 182646, Columbus, OH 43218-2646.

Orientation: Challenges, Choices, and Connections . . . Be sure to check out our First Year Experience programs http://www.ati.osu.edu/FYE