COVID-19 Information for New Ohio State ATI Students

COVID-19 Information for New Ohio State ATI Students - Updated April 10, 2020

We know you have questions about the impact of COVID-19 on your college search and decision-making process. We hope this list of FAQs addresses many of your questions. As we continue to monitor the situation, we'll post the latest updates on this page.

Admission Issues for New Entering First-Year and Transfer Students for Autumn 2020:

     How can I get questions answered about where I am in the admissions process?

  • We’re here to help! Feel free to email or call us at (330) 287-1327 with your ATI admission question.
  • You can also reach your ATI admissions counselor directly. Our contact info can be found here.
  • Questions about admission to the Columbus campus should be directed to

     What are the "next steps" I should be taking?

  • Details regarding activating your OSU username, enabling your BuckeyeMail email account, paying your acceptance fee, activating your BuckeyePass and DUO, and sending your final transcripts can be found at

    Is Ohio State's acceptance fee payment deadline still May 1?

  • Yes. However, you can still pay your acceptance fee for the Wooster ATI campus after that date.

     Will Ohio State be able to receive my final high school transcript or my college transcript?

  • Your school counselor should be able to send your final transcript, reflecting your high school graduation, electronically. We will begin requesting those transcripts in mid-May, encouraging students to submit them by early July. 
  • Students who have taken College Credit Plus courses should request that the college(s) send official transcripts to Ohio State.  Students who completed CCP coursework at Ohio State do not need to request a transcript; Ohio State ATI advisors and the transfer credit center can access your coursework.

    How will Ohio State review pass/fail grades on my transcript?

  • For students enrolling Autumn 2020, we fully understand your decision or a school’s decision to move to pass/fail grading. Seeing these grades on your transcript will not impact your admission to Ohio State ATI. We encourage you to do the best work that you can, given the circumstances, in order to successfully graduate from high school.
  • For transfer students with pass/fail grades on their transcripts, Ohio State will continue to be able to issue transfer credit with a “pass” grade.

    Will Ohio State still award AP credit with the new AP exam option?

  • Ohio State will continue to grant college credit under the university’s AP guidelines for scores of 3, 4, and 5, recognizing the circumstances under which students will be testing this year. Remember to send your official AP scores to Ohio State’s Testing Center, using code #1592.

    Will Ohio State still award AP credit for IB diplomas and certificates?

  • Ohio State will continue to award credit according to the university’s IB guidelines, provided students can send their transcript of the IB diploma or IB certificate.

    Will I still receive a transfer credit evaluation after I am admitted?

  • Ohio State continues to evaluate transfer credit for admitted transfer students, typically within a week of the notice of admission. Check your BuckeyeLink to view your credit report. Questions can be directed to Peggy Lambert at or (330) 287-1376.

   Can homeschooled students be admitted to Ohio State ATI without ACT or SAT scores?

  • We can still review ACT and/or SAT scores from tests taken yet this summer. Be sure to have your scores sent to Ohio State as soon as they are available.  

Orientation Details for Autumn 2020:

     Will orientation be held in person this summer? 

  • Orientation programs for students entering the autumn 2020 semester will be delivered remotely this summer. Details will be sent to your BuckeyeMail account if you have paid your acceptance fee. 
  • Please note that students still need to register for an orientation date via their BuckeyeLink.

    Where do I find information about taking my math and English placement tests?

  • You can find details about any placement tests you must take prior to orientation on your BuckeyeLink. At, you can find additional math and English testing information or on page 6 of your orientation handbook. 

     I have CCP or transfer credits in a math and English class. Why am I’m still being required to take a placement exam?  

  • You must submit college transcript(s) 15 business days prior to your scheduled orientation date. Please see additional testing and credit evaluation information on page 6 of your orientation handbook or at  

     When will I get my iPad? 

  • Eligible new Ohio State ATI students will receive their university-supported iPad at the beginning of fall semester. Details to come! 

     Can I still change my major? 

  • Yes. We encourage you to communicate any changes to your academic plan when you register online for orientation, by contacting your Ohio State ATI admissions counselor, or by emailing the ATI admissions office at  

     Why are items that I have completed not coming off my To-Do List on my BuckeyeLink? 

  • There is a slight delay in items coming off of your to-do list. Please be patient as we are working on this glitch. We anticipate the items to start coming off (once complete) by the end of April.  

     What if I have other questions about orientation? 

  • Consult the orientation booklet you received by US Mail, or email the ATI orientation office at  

Financial Aid Details for New Students for Autumn 2020: 

     Is someone available to talk me through my financial aid summary? 

  • Yes!  You can also reach your ATI admissions counselor directly!  You will find our contact info here
  • You can also direct specific financial aid questions to the ATI financial aid office at (330) 287-1214 or
  • To view your financial aid summary: Go to, click on Financial Aid, click on My Financial Aid and log in, select 2021 Aid Year and click the Aid Summary tab. 

     My family’s financial circumstances have changed since I filed my FAFSA. Who can I contact? 

     Where do I send forms and documents for verification?

  • Please use the Secure Uploader at  In the middle of the page, click Upload Documents.

     I have completed my Stafford Entrance Counseling and Promissory Note, but it is still on my To Do List.  Should I be concerned?

  • If received, Student Financial Aid will update these To Do List items by late-April/early-May.  If you would like confirmation, please email

     Where should I send External Scholarship checks?

  • First, ensure that your full name and OSU ID are written either on the check or on something you’ll be mailing in with the check, so the funds are correctly assigned to your account.  If you do not know your OSU ID – Contact
  • Mail your check to:
    Office of the University Bursar – External Scholarships
    The Ohio State University
    PO Box 183248
    Columbus, OH 43218-3248

Housing Details for Autumn 2020:  

    Where do I find my housing contract? 

  • Students admitted to Ohio State ATI will find the link to their campus housing contract in their OSU email. If you are having problems accessing your OSU email, contact the IT help desk (open 24/7) at (614) 688-HELP.  

    How do I get back to my housing contract if I’ve lost the link?

     Where can I find a copy of the Parent/Close Relative Exemption form?

  • The link to the housing exemption form can be found in your housing contract information. You can also download the PCRE here.

     Should I complete my housing contract for fall semester when I don’t know for sure if I will still be able to attend? 

  • The priority deadline to complete your ATI housing contract is June 1. Applications will still be accepted after that date, on a space available basis. Housing assignments are based on the date that the completed contract and housing deposit are received by University Housing Services in Columbus. 

     What if my financial situation has changed and I need to withdraw my housing contract? 

  • The deadline to cancel your housing contract is June 1. If your family’s financial circumstances are impacted due to COVID-19, Ohio State will review those circumstances with you. Contact the housing office at (614) 292-8266 or at  

 Disability Services for Autumn 2020:  

     Can I meet with the disabilities coordinator? 

  • Yes. Contact Ruth Montz directly at or at  330-287-1247 to arrange phone conversation or virtual meeting. 

CCP Academy Students Applying for Autumn 2020:  

     Can I still apply for the Academy Program? 

  • The application deadline for students interesting in the Academy program at Ohio State ATI is May 1.  Application process, deadlines, and other CCP details can be found at  
  • The deadline for non-public and home-schooled students to apply for state funding has been extended to May 1, 2020. 
  • The deadline to submit your Intent to Participate form to your school counselor or district has been extended to May 1, 2020. 

     How do I meet the testing requirement for CCP admission when the standardized tests are not currently offered? 

  • Due to testing difficulties related to COVID-19, we will accept ACT, SAT, and/or ACCUPLACER testing completed by June 15, 2020. Be sure to have your scores sent to Ohio State as soon as they are available.  
  • Additional admission options are currently under consideration because of the challenges of accessing the required testing. Further information will be shared if/when available on the ATI Academy website.

Students Applying for Autumn 2021: 

     Will the application deadlines for next spring or fall 2021 remain the same? 

  • As of today, there is no change to the deadlines or admission process for semesters beyond this fall. However, we will continue to monitor the impact of the availability of testing and other requirements to determine if any change is needed. 

     What is the impact of having pass/fail grades on my transcript this spring? 

  • When Ohio State reviews a transcript as part of the application next year, we will be aware of the reason for the pass/fail grades. We are encouraging schools to include a notation on the transcript and the school profile that schools opted for the pass/fail provision. 

     Is there any change to the ACT or SAT requirements for students applying to Ohio State ATI for spring or fall, 2021? 

  • At the Wooster ATI campus, test scores are used only for scholarship and course placement decisions for Ohio freshman applicants. We understand that students are not currently able to take these exams. We are continuing to review the availability of the ACT and SAT tests and will decide about any changes as soon as we have a better understanding of the situation.  
  • Non-Ohio freshman applicants to Ohio State ATI should contact Ella Lorentz at or (330) 287-1305 to discuss application concerns.  
  • Standardized test scores are not required for transfer applicants. 

      Will Ohio State still award AP credit with the new exam option? 

  • Ohio State will continue to grant college credit under the university’s AP guidelines for scores of 3, 4 and 5, recognizing the circumstances under which students will be testing this year. Remember to send your scores to Ohio State’s Testing Center, using code #1592. 

Campus Visits: 

     Can I schedule a campus visit?

  • The university has canceled all in-person campus visits and on-campus recruitment events scheduled through early July 2020.  As soon as we know future plans, we will update the website at regarding future visit opportunities. 
  • In the meantime, students are invited to register for our live, online admissions presentation every Friday at 1:00.  More information about these virtual admissions overviews can be found here.  

Contacting an Admissions Counselor at the ATI Campus: 

     How can I find someone to talk to?

  • We’re still here to help! Feel free to email or call us at (330) 287-1327 with your ATI admission question.    
  • You can also reach your ATI admissions counselor directly!  You will find our contact info here
  • Questions about admission to the Columbus campus should be directed to

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