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Entomology 1+3 Program

This 1+3 program allows students to complete one year of coursework at Ohio State ATI before transitioning to Columbus to complete a bachelor of science degree in entomology.

What kind of classes will I take?

You’ll take classes that will give you a foundation in the natural sciences: biology, chemistry, and general and applied entomology. You’ll also take general education courses in English, sociology, and the humanities.

You can choose one of two tracks: Applied pest management, or pre-graduate, pre-medical or pre-veterinary studies. You will learn insect physiology, behavior, ecology, taxonomy and systematics, toxicology, as well as beekeeping, veterinary and public health entomology, sustainable agriculture, and integrated pest management in agricultural, forest, and urban environments.

Will I get hands-on experience?

We share the CFAES Wooster campus with the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, the site of numerous research projects and laboratories. The new science building just completed on the CFAES Wooster campus houses the Department of Entomology, with classrooms, labs, and a bug zoo. Many entomology courses feature a hands-on laboratory component. After you transition to Columbus, you will be required to complete an internship, customizable to your interest. Chrysalis, the student entomology club on the Columbus campus, participates in field trips to collect insects for research and to zoos and museums.

What can I do with my degree?

Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in entomology can pursue such careers in plant health management, public health, research laboratories, greenhouse management, university extension services, agrochemical industries, environmental and crop consulting, environmental education, zoo and wildlife management, natural resource protection and conservation, and government agencies.

Graduates who further their education in a veterinary medicine program become practicing or research veterinarians.