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We know money matters when you’re deciding which school to attend.

Financial Resources

Current Students: COVID-19 Financial Assistance

At Ohio State ATI, we understand that you may be concerned about your ability to afford a college education. Assistance is available from an array of programs funded by federal, state, university, and private sources. Students who demonstrate significant financial need may qualify for grants, while students with less need may obtain low interest loans. Our goal is to make it financially possible for all students at Ohio State ATI to meet their educational goals.

  1. Your education is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. The key is early planning and keeping your options open. The more information you have about the financial aid process, the better prepared you will be to navigate the system. 

  2. Here’s the scoop on tuition and expenses at Ohio State ATI. Rates are different for Ohio State ATI and the Columbus campus, and for Ohio residents vs. non-Ohio residents.

  3. There are two types of student employment:
  4. Your Statement of Account shows what fees you owe for the coming term. It includes instructional and general fees, housing fees, a campus safety and security fee, student health insurance, overdue late penalties, and any items that may cause a "hold" on your account.