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List of Scholarships

Agricultural Technical Institute Scholarship

Any major, prior academic performance

The Adam H. Michael Memorial Scholarship

One scholarship for a second year student majoring in hydraulic power & motion control or power equipment; financial need consideration.

Alpha Gamma Sigma Foundation Scholarship

Second year students in AS programs, involved in ATI and community activities who plan to continue their education in the College of FAES

Arden L. Shisler Family Scholarship Fund for 4-H Students

One or more scholarships to be awarded annually to Ohio State ATI students who are current or past members of a 4-H club and who have displayed exemplary leadership qualities

ATI Barnes & Noble Scholarship

Any major

ATI Nursery Management Scholarship

Greenhouse and Nursery Management major with a specialization in Nursery

Ben and Dottie Marshall Scholarship

Open to student in any major; prior academic performance and involvement in ATI campus life and activities.

Betty P. and Elwain C. Dreyer, Sr. Scholarship for Beef Students

Income provides need-based scholarships to ATI students with a minimum 2.0 GPA majoring in Livestock Production and Management or Livestock Science with a specialization in Beef

Betty P. and Elwain C. Dreyer, Sr. Scholarship for Dairy Students

Income provides need-based scholarships to ATI students with a minimum 2.0 GPA majoring in Dairy Cattle Production or Dairy Science.

Betty P. and Elwain C. Dreyer, Sr. Scholarship for Female Students

Income provides scholarships to ATI students with a minimum 2.0 GPA first preference to female students; financial need consideration.

Bob Gano Memorial Scholarship

Income provides a scholarship to a dairy cattle production and management or dairy science major at ATI. When income produces additional scholarships, those in crops management technology will be eligible. Preference is given to second year students and Tuscarawas County, OH residents

Borton Family Scholarship
Scholarship supports students attending OSU Wooster ATI Campus

Castor Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships for  above average undergraduates from Wayne County, OH with preference to those from Clinton Township; need based consideration.

Charity School of Kendal Scholarship

Provide Scholarships for  ATI Student Students from western Stark County with financial need based consideration.

Charles & Betty Dougherty Scholarship

 Income supports scholarships for students enrolled in the hydraulic and motion control program or power and equipment program at ATI.

Clyde R. Swoger Memorial Scholarship

Income provides need-based scholarships to ATI students with a minimum 2.8 GPA in floral design and marketing technology, then greenhouse production and management technology. Students with previous work experience or a strong work ethic are preferred.

COBA Select Sires Scholarship

Second year Dairy Cattle Production and Management or Dairy Science major, interview is required.

Dairy Farmers of America Scholarship

Second year Dairy Cattle Production and Management or Dairy Science major; interview is required.

David L. Kahler Power Equipment Endowed Scholarship

Scholarships in FABE and ATI, in FABE Income Used in Department for Undergraduate Scholarships and ATI, Used for Power Equipment Technology Scholarships

Delma L. Roush Scholarship Fund

Scholarships for students from Gallia, Meigs or Jackson, Ohio counties who are pursuing a degree from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, which includes Ohio State ATI. Eligible students must have finished in the top third of their high school class and must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Director's Challenge Award

Underrepresented students who demonstrate financial need and academic potential. Selection is based on GPA, Class Rank and ACT/SAT for entering student and cumulative GPA for Continuing students

Dr. Paul L. Hammer Jr. and Fern C. Hammer Endowed Scholarship Fund

Provides one or more scholarship(s) to undergraduate students who are studying floriculture; financial need consideration.

Earl and Betty Hawkins Scholarship

Gift to support scholarships at Ohio State ATI for students who are first in their families to attend college 

Emerald Necklace Garden Club

Scholarship for ATI students enrolled in horticulture or landscape majors

Founders and Friends

Awards to Eligible OSU ATI Students who must Demonstrate Financial need and must Complete Required Financial Analysis Form must Demonstrate Potential for Academic Success 

Gail T. Dennison Scholarship

Provide Scholarships to Students at The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute Enrolled in Horse Science or Horse Production and Management Program

Glenn & Janet Wenz Scholars

Assistance for ATI Students, with First Priority to Students with Excellent Academic Qualifications

Glenn & Janet Wenz Director's Scholarship
One entering freshman with a declared major at Ohio State ATI. Selection is based on academic achievement, leadership, communication skills. The scholarship may be renewed for ONLY 1 additional year of attendance at Ohio State ATI if the recipient maintains a cumulative grade 3.0 GPA

Gordon C. and Susan K. Warnes Memorial Scholarship

First or Second year student.  First year student must have H.S. rank 75th percentile and ACT 20 or higher and demonstrate financial need.  Second year student must have 3.0 cumulative GPA

Greenleaf Ag-Industry Scholarship

Income Provides Awards to Outstanding Students Interested in Agricultural Business Management and Encourages Activities Providing Students with Practical Agribusiness Experience

The Kent Hammond Academic Scholarship 

Landscape Horticulture major; preference given to candidates who have minimum 3.5 GPA

HBA of Greater Cleveland Scholarship

Construction major; residents of Cuyahoga, Geauga, Ashtabula or Lake counties

HBA of Wayne Holmes Counties Scholarship

Scholarship for  a Student from Wayne or Holmes Counties who is Enrolled in ATI's Construction Technology

Henry C. Gelbke Endowed Scholarship

Support tuition for one Agricultural Technical Institute student studying dairy cattle production and management or dairy science.  First preference student from Northeast Ohio

James M. Barrett Family Scholarship

Students from Washington County and were member of 4-H FFA, attending ATI or enrolled in the College of FAES. Scholarship is administered by College of FAES.

Jerry J Halterman Endowment Fund

Income strengthens academic programs, supports faculty development and enriches the education of students

Joseph A. Kucera, Jr. Scholarship

Income Provides Scholarships to Students in Turfgrass Management Technology at ATI

Kevin Smith Memorial Scholarship

One $500 Scholarship Annually to a Student from Richland County with First Preference to Horticulture Major and Second Preference to a Student from Pioneer Joint Vocational School

Knipp Agricultural Scholarship

Incoming student intending to transition to Columbus to complete a four-year degree.  Preference to students from Sandusky with an interest in agricultural production, agricultural business, or an agricultural cooperative career path.

Leppo Endowed Scholarship

Income Provides Scholarships to Students Enrolled in Power Equipment Technology at ATI

Lloyd and Virginia Sharp Scholarship

To Provide Scholarships to Students from Carroll County, OH Enrolled in College of Agriculture or ATI. Selection by College of FAES

The Bob and Barbara McCord Foundation Turfgrass Management Scholarship Fund in Honor of
Thomas McCord
Provides renewable scholarships to students attending ATI with preference given to candidates majoring in Turfgrass Management.

Medina County Herb Society Scholarship

Income Provides Need-Based Scholarship to an ATI Horticulture Student, with a Min 2.8 GPA, Interested in Working with Herbs, with Preference to Medina, Wayne, or Summit Counties.

Michael F. McFrederick Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarships provided to students majoring in Landscape Horticulture, Horticultural Science, Turfgrass Management.

Moreland Garden Club Scholarship

Scholarship to Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute Students in Horticulture. Preference to Floral or Greenhouse major.

Murray Grey Scholarship

Provides Scholarships to Second Year Students majoring in Livestock Science or Livestock Production and Management with a Beef Specialization

NE OH Pork Producers Scholarship

Students with a Swine Specialization, first preference to Ohio residents; financial need consideration.

Norman M. Stanley Scholarship Fund.

Student who has been enrolled for at least 2 semesters in either the Ag Technologies or Arts Science and Business Division and has a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA.  Students should demonstrate financial need and/or outstanding leadership ability

Northern Ohio Golf Association Scholarship

Income Provides Scholarships to Students from Northern Ohio who major in Turfgrass Management at ATI, Preference to those employed in Turfgrass Work for at least one Summer     

Ohio AgriBusiness Association Scholarship

Scholarship for major in field of Ag. Business/ Ag. Commerce with a desire for a career in the industries served by the associations

Ohio Fruit Growers Society Fred O. Hartman Endowment

Distribution supports undergraduate or graduate scholarships for students at the main campus, any branch campus and/or ATI. Preference is to students in good academic standing with an interest in fruit crops through majoring in crop science in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science or through an association/involvement with the Ohio fruit industry

Ohio Home Builders Endowed Scholarship

Scholarships for students in a construction major at ATI.

Ohio Pork Producers Scholarship

Scholarship for ATI Students Enrolled in Livestock area with a specialization in Swine; first preference Ohio residents; financial need consideration.

Ohio State ATI Alumni Scholarship

Prior academic performance and campus involvement.

Ohio State ATI National Dairy & Livestock

Non-Ohio residents attending full-time, paying non-resident tuition.  Students must be majoring in dairy or one of the livestock programs, excluding horse production and horse science.

Ohio State ATI Study Abroad

First priority of the fund will be to provide scholarships for Ohio State ATI degree seeking students participating in an Ohio State ATI or Ohio State University approved and sponsored Study Abroad Program. If scholarship funds are not depleted for study

OH-Michigan Equipment Dealers Association

Three first year power and equipment majors 

OSU/ATI Scholarship

Any major, must have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average

Poston Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Provides one or more scholarships to undergraduate students who are enrolled in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Preference shall be given to students majoring in sustainable agriculture or related fields of interest.

Quail Hollow Herbal Society Scholarship

Scholarship provides Funds for Both First Year and Second Year Ohio Residents at Ohio State ATI in Horticulture Division, with Exception of Turfgrass Management, with preference to interest in Herbs 

Romich Foundation Renewable Energy Scholarship

For students majoring in one of the renewable energy majors at Ohio State ATI - 4 awards at $500 each

Roy M. Kottman Scholarship

One award to a new first year freshman with outstanding academic credentials; award is renewable for 1 academic year. Must maintain 3.4 GPA.

Rubbermaid, Inc. Scholarship

Scholarships for students majoring in Hydraulic and Motion Control

Stitzlein Family Scholarship
Founded by Dorothy and Kenneth Stitzlein this scholarship supports at least two students annually who must be enrolled with OSU CFAES.  One student is selected from the Wooster ATI campus and one from the Columbus campus. 

The Dwight Gerber Memorial Scholarship

First year student majoring in Ag Business or Pre-Food Bus with preference to Wayne County, OH residents, student must have a minimum 2.5 GPA

Theodore I. and Richard B. Bogner Memorial Scholarship

Income Provides Scholarships for Construction Technology Students at ATI

Tobi Goldoftas Scholarship

Income provides scholarships to students majoring in Hydraulic Power and Motion Control.

Turfgrass Equipment Management Scholarship
For students taking part in the Turfgrass Equipment Manager Certificate program; preference given to Ohio residents
Turfgrass Program Scholarship - ArmsTurf Products
For an undergraduate student enrolled in turfgrass management.  

Weed-A-Way Garden Club Scholarship

For Scholarship to an Ohio State ATI Horticulture Student with First Preference to a Floral Design Major Second to Nursery Management Or Greenhouse Production and Management 

William J. Skou Scholarship

First or second year Floral Design and Marketing Major or Greenhouse Production and Management Major.  Students must have and maintain a minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA

Willoway Nurseries Scholarship

Annual scholarship to students with a Nursery Specialization who are majoring in Greenhouse and Nursery management.