At The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster, Ohio, we value quality. Our tradition of awarding scholarships that recognize student accomplishments is evidence of our commitment to excellence in our academic programs. Scholarships are awarded based on prior academic performance, class rank, and ACT scores. Scholarships do not require repayment and may range in value from $100 to full in-state tuition. These scholarship funds are made available to students attending Ohio State ATI through the generosity of private donors, business and industry.

Student scholarship recipients are encouraged to send a "Thank You" letter to the scholarship donor(s). The name and address of the scholarship donor(s) will be provided by the Financial Aid Office.

The Ohio State ATI Scholarship Application is available on-line beginning November 1st with a priority deadline of February 15th. Click here for a complete listing of available Ohio State ATI scholarships and for the Ohio State ATI Scholarship Application.

Students should also complete the Ohio State University Special Scholarship Application. Note: Entering students must be admitted in order to access this online scholarship application. The priority deadline for the University Special Scholarship Application is Feb. 1st.

How to apply for Ohio State ATI Scholarships

  • New students must first apply for admission to Ohio State ATI. You must have an OSU ID Number to complete the application. The OSU ID is assigned once you apply for admission.
  • Any student wishing to be considered for a college scholarship must complete the online college scholarship application between November 1st and February 15th in order to be considered. Current students receiving scholarships must reapply to be considered. Selection will be conducted spring semester.
  • The priority filing date is February 15th, for both incoming students and returning students.


Scholarship Application Form


External Scholarship Processing:

External Scholarship checks should be made out to: Ohio State ATI

The check MUST include the students full name and OSU ID/Name.# on the memo line of the check or on a document accompanying the check to ensure the payment is applied to the correct account.

Checks should be mailed to:

Office of the University Bursar – External Scholarships
The Ohio State University
PO Box 183248
Columbus, OH 43218-3248

List of Ohio State ATI Scholarships
ATI Student Emergency Aid Fund