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Feed Mill Operations Certificate

Students can complete the Feed Mill Operations Certificate to develop another area of expertise in addition to their major, or as a stand-alone 9-month program that focuses on technical skills. 

The Feed Mill Operations certificate will enable students to acquire an understanding of the function of a modern feed mill; to learn procedures to assist in operating a feed mill; and to apply academic skills to the challenges of operating a manufacturing facility. 

Technical instruction includes coursework in the feeding and nutrition of horses, swine, small ruminants and dairy and beef cattle. Students will also study feed mill operations and quality assurance and feed technology, formulation, and safety.


The CFAES Wooster Campus has a state-of-the-art Feedstock Processing Research Facility, or Feed Mill, which provides the quality, nutritional value and precision mixing of feeds needed to support internationally recognized CFAES livestock and poultry research programs. 


Employment opportunities exist within many sectors of animal agriculture. According to The American Feed Industry Association, there are more than 5,800 animal food manufacturing facilities in the United States which provide more than 944,000 jobs. Students earning the Feed Milling Operations Certificate might pursue employment as a:

  • Feed Mill Technician
  • Feed Mill Assistant Manager
  • Feed Mill Operator



Semester 1 

1. ANIMSCI 2200.01 Introductory Animal Science – 3 credits 

2. ENGTECH 2061T Feed Mill Operations and Quality Assurance – 3 credits (includes a lab) 


Semester 2 

3. ENGTECH 2062T Feed Technology, Formulation, and Safety – 3 credits 

4. ANMLTEC 3131T Equine Feeding and Nutrition, ANMLTEC 3132T Ruminant Feeds and Feeding, ANMLTEC 3133T Practical Swine Feeding, or ANMLTEC 3137T Dairy Cattle Feeding Management – 3 credits. 


Semester 2 or 3 

5. ENGTECH 2189T Feed Mill Practicum – 1 credit 


Recommended, but not required 

6. ASM 3330 Grain Handling, Drying, and Milling – 3 credits Prereq: Math 1130, 1131, 1148, 1149, 1150, or 1151