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Ohio State is celebrating Buckeye Love, and part of that Love is giving back to our community. Ohio State and the Center for HumanKindness at The Columbus Foundation have partnered to give you the opportunity to nominate an area nonprofit of your choice to receive a $10 donation and encourage others to do the same.  

Perhaps you’ve been in a line of cars at a coffee shop where each person pays for the person behind them setting off a chain reaction of kindness. In this case, the act of kindness is supporting a community need important to you, and then passing along the opportunity to another OSU staff / faculty member to do the same.  

 Here is how it works—


  • Designate your nonprofit choice in this online form and the Center for HumanKindness will make a $10 donation to the nonprofit in your honor.


  • Then, pass this note along to another OSU staff or faculty member to do the same. Up to 500 people can participate!

Let’s see how far this Giving Chain can go this week! The more people who participate, the more Buckeye Love we can share in our community.  

Be kind and Be well, 

The Buckeye Love steering committee