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Employer Spotlights in Need of Employers

Submitted by Denise Rotavera-Krain,

spotlightDenise Rotavera-Krain is working with 2 ACEL practicum students who will be assisting her with advertising career opportunities and employers across the 3 divisions. She is looking for employers who you think could benefit from some extra exposure – maybe one that you didn’t have time to bring to your classroom, or a former student who is doing interesting things in their job, or an employer that is new to you that you are not sure you want to bring to your students yet.  Ideally, there would be equal representation from all divisions.  

Would you be able to provide this information by next Wednesday February 22? Please email Denise at rotavera-krain.1.


Job Title


Contact Information

OSU alum or not


Thank you in advance for your help,