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OSU Senate - Two Vacancies for CFAES

Submitted by Subbu Kumarappan, 

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has two vacancies in OSU Senate ( Nominations will be accepted until Friday, February 3. The final ballot of nominees will be sent out on February 6, and the elections in each college will open on Wednesday February 8 and close end of day Friday February 10.

We encourage you to participate in this process by nominating yourself or another colleague to stand for election. Please email names of nominees to

Why participate? Election to the Senate is the most direct way to use your faculty expertise to influence university decisions. Our system of shared governance ensures a faculty voice in all aspects of university administration, particularly through the Senate committees that deliberate and advise on important university issues. We need our most engaged faculty to serve as college faculty representatives.

When elected, faculty senators accept a three-year term of service. They join administrative, student and staff senators at monthly meetings of the Senate, presided over by the University President. In this way, faculty senators have an opportunity to meet and work with colleagues from across the university. Faculty senators attend meetings of Faculty Council to deliberate on issues related to faculty life on campus and they are invited to serve on one of the Senate committees. See for a list of committees and their current members, as well as a directory of current Senators.

Please consider running for this position of privilege and service or urge talented colleagues in any college to do so. If you have questions regarding these elections, please contact Ben Givens in the Senate office, or any of us listed below. Thank you for considering this request.


Caroline Clark, Chair, Faculty Council

Scott Schricker, Vice Chair, Faculty Council

Enrico Bonello, Chair, University Senate Steering Committee

Ben Givens, Secretary of the Senate