Dairy Facility

The Ohio State ATI dairy facility is located on ATI's 1,700-acre farm laboratory and includes:

  • A free-stall barn which houses a registered herd of 120 high-producing Holstein and Jersey milking cows. ATI’s dairy herd is a multiple-year recipient of the Holstein Association USA’s Progressive Breeder Award and the American Jersey Cattle Association’s high JPI herd recognition.
  • A fully automated double-eight parallel milking parlor equipped with electronic identification and computerized milk weight recording
  • Computerized feeding system monitors TMR ration mixing, feeder efficiency, and feed inventory and calculates economic ratios
  • A computerized animal activity monitoring system is used to detect estrus and inactivity due to health concerns

Each student assists in the milking, feeding, record keeping, health, reproductive, genetic and housing management of the dairy farm laboratory.