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Beef Facility

Ohio State ATI's beef cattle handling facility is the only one of its kind in Ohio. Designed by renowned animal behaviorist Temple Grandin, the facility provides students with the opportunity to learn animal handling methods that are both humane and efficient. The facility includes a corral, a dual chute system with a hydraulic squeeze chute and breeding box, and sorting pens. 

One of the distinctive features of Grandin’s design is a system of curved chutes combined with a round crowd pen. The tendency of cattle when herded is to move back in the direction they came from. The round pen moves the cattle through a 1800 turn, thus working with rather than against their natural behavior. 

The beef herd includes crossbred and registered Angus cattle and nationally recognized Murray Grey cattle. Breeding stock includes 100 brood cows, replacement heifers, and bulls. 

Students assist in the daily care of the herd. They learn feedlot management and gain a solid foundation in calving, branding, artificial insemination, hoof trimming, vaccinating, and dehorning.