BTES - Kick It Up A Notch: Next Level Management Series Registration Deadline

Thursday, October 10 - Behind Every Great Performer is a Great Coach
  • Coaching offers employees the opportunity to build trust and partnerships between managers and employees to achieve lasting results.  It is through this “managers as coaches” partnership and feedback approach that employees and managers can come together, in respectful one-on-one relationships, to communicate, provide effective feedback and reinforce the values, competencies and goals that support high performance.
Thursday, November 7 – Strategies for Influencing Others  
  • Whether it’s an innovative breakthrough or a simple process improvement, making it happen generally requires commitment from others in the organization. The best way to gain this commitment is to have a strategy for each stakeholder. This course shows leaders and individual contributors how to package their ideas in a way that will win over even the most skeptical individuals. Participants learn strategies for effectively capturing people’s attention, transforming their perspectives, and gaining their commitment to taking action.

Tuesday, December 3 – Tough Talk...Tips and Techniques for Having Difficult Conversations 

  • There is a saying that if you feel stuck, there is a critical, and likely difficult, conversation that needs to happen. Most people don’t want to have these conversations for fear of conflict and blow-ups. In this workshop we will focus on techniques to hold important difficult conversations with more ease, even when surrounded by highly charged emotions. You will learn a specific skill set that will take you from stuck to productive and from hesitant to confident.